VAP, A Mark of Excellence

We adapt ourselves to your particular needs and way of thinking in order to stay as close as possible to your wishes and requirements. Proponents of honest communication, we remain open to your feedback at any time.

Our Philosophy

Nothing is more precious than your time. VAP allows you to get it back, and brings true peace of mind.

Our Mission

We offer an unrivalled welcome and services that make your life easier.

Our Promise

Transparent service. Flexible and adaptive rates. A helping hand that you'll find it difficult to live without. Whether for emergencies or a regular service, you'll be supported efficiently and discreetly.

Our Know-How

Experience, anticipation, curiosity, rigour, speed and a keen sense of good service. VAP adapts to your lifestyle and offers the best possible benefits.

Our Commitment

The strictest confidentiality, unparalleled efficiency, polite honesty, and exemplary patience come-what-may.

A Human Touch

For VAP each client is unique. VAP relies on a professional bond between its customers and its team, and therefore offers a service adapted to your needs, responding to your requests quickly and comprehensively.