A high level of quality

We adapt to your problems and your psychology in order to meet your exact needs and wishes. We respect a harmonious dialogue and are open to your criticism.

Nothing is more valuable than your time. VAP saves you time and gives you real peace of mind.

We owe you an impeccable welcome and facilities that will make your life easier. A luxury concierge service that is prepared to put in place strict processes to deal with the most time-consuming tasks.

At VAP, we believe in experience, anticipation, curiosity, thoroughness, promptness and a sharp sense of service. We adjust to your lifestyle and provide you with the best in services.

We are also committed to strict confidentiality. Efficiency, honesty and exemplary patience in all circumstances with the goal of ensuring the greatest possible peace of mind.

For VAP, every client is unique. VAP believes in a professional approach between clients and our team. VAP offers a service tailored to your needs and meets your requirements with a rapid and precise understanding of your concerns. Your private concierge is at your disposal and regular meetings are organized to ensure that the solutions are suited to your needs.