About Nathalie Serfaty

"Everything I have learned in my career as a production manager, where nothing must be left to chance and everything must be done on time, I have used to create VAP. For you, executives, company directors or artists whose agendas are out of control!

With VAP, I build a relationship with you of mutual respect and trust. I like to share your values and I provide tailor-made services, more couture than ready-to-wear. You consider me to be dynamic, thorough, accurate, efficient, determined and always on hand? I simply listen to you out of empathy, anticipating the obstacles for your greatest comfort, because it is my job to solve difficult situations.

So give up and focus on something important " elsewhere ". I will respond with a synthetic and analytical approach to your need to outsource. Use me as a trusted partner and you won't have to question my work ethic. If I also speak English and Spanish, it is to respond to the requests of expats who may need to know the French customs.

Being multilingual also allows me to incorporate proven international methods such as David Allen's Getting things done (the art of stress-free productivity) or Laurence Einfalt's S'organiser, c'est facile. VAP learns from them every day and therefore adds value to its skills.

Thanks to VAP, being better organised in time and space is rewarding for you: you will gain in creativity.

I have a DEA in Economics and Society, a Masters in Information and Communication and a Masters in Economics.

Nathalie Serfaty, founder of VAP.

VAP is a made-to-measure, class-leading service. Nathalie Serfaty knew exactly what she was doing when she launched it. Coming from a background in media production where nothing is left to chance and everything has to be closely managed, she is perhaps the most practical of Parisians, and delighted to serve a demanding clientele.

The story of VAP

Following the Birth of my daughter, I wanted to find an income-generating activity that would allow me to combine my private and work life, while keeping the pressure off.

I also needed to organize my time so I would be able to manage it all, while telling myself that with a little luck I could also benefit from my services.

Since I come from the film industry, I naturally turned to assisting artists, a job that has always existed in this field.

I started my company, Votre Assistant Personnel, for several reasons:

First of all, because I hate working on my own. I need to share and confront my ideas to find the best solutions. Then the first smartphones arrived and people became hyper connected and hyper exigent. So I had the need to assign a number of tasks to an assistant in order to better serve the clients. Your Personal Assistant was born.

Later on VAP grew and became an Agency. My choice was to build a talented and supportive team, prepared to answer all the topics thanks to the skills and hanks to the skills and expertise of each team member. As I come from an audiovisual production background, I hired a stage manager dedicated to running errands, managing flats and solving all kinds of problems. He is now one of the key members of our team.

With VAP you get 15 years of experience in assisting VIPs, artists and business leaders in France, Europe, America and the Middle East. An expertise, a qualified, educated, professional, bilingual, even tri-lingual team and carefully selected service providers, lawyers, accountants, advisors...

Choose VAP as your trusted partner and dare asking us to handle today what you keep procrastinating about tomorrow.