Administration for Individuals

Modern life often demands a constant juggling act between family, work and administrative delays. The list is endless. Time passes at such a rapid pace that all the little things, albeit often important ones, get left to one side. Your personal assistant is there to lighten the load.

  • Administrative processes and formalities: an obstacle course?

    Not for your personal assistant; that's what they're there for. VAP draws up the paperwork, visits the necessary institutions (town hall, administrative offices, post office, bank), and gathers all the supporting documentation, so you can get back to other things. Gain efficiency and freedom by delegating your administrative tasks to us.

  • IT help: got a bug, virus, or trouble installing a new application?

    Better than a firewall, VAP takes care of your IT woes and provides a speedy and professional service so you don't get stuck without access to your precious work.

  • Secretarial services: Hate paperwork?

    VAP can take care of dealing with your mail as soon as it arrives, file and archive it as required, and make sure replies get sent back on time. VAP stores all your documents safely and securely for your peace of mind. The luxury of VAP is that you have a true personal assistant at your side every day, a full-time secretary for the price of a few hours a month.

Administration for Individuals

  • Administrative management for private clients.

    You are an individual who is regularly confronted with time-consuming paperwork which is beyond your control. Your Personal Assistant provides you with daily care in your administrative duties.

  • Private Banking Advice for Individuals

    You have assets and you want to prepare your future. Your Personal Assistant will help you optimise your assets.

  • Lifestyle Management for Individuals

    - Concierge service: booking.
    - Property Management: A steward takes care of all the tasks related to your flat: water damage, various works... and acts as a real butler.