Our Philosophy

Nothing is more precious than your time. Convenient, practical, efficient, productive, VAP puts things in proper order for you, so you can free up your time for... you!

  • Get back your week-ends! VAP takes care of your filing, administration, housekeeping, groceries, and shopping for you. We'll even organise your dinner.

  • Rediscover peace of mind! VAP makes sure your bills are paid on time and your tax return is properly filed.

  • Reclaim your well-being! VAP takes care of the things that can quickly become overwhelming. From inheritance to moving home, from your passport or identity card to a new car registration or driving license.

With VAP, free up your time to do more of what you love.
No more mental overload: VAP plans and organises your trips for you,
reserves your ticket for the train and books your seat on the plane.
It's a luxury that doesn't come at a high price, and pays big dividends.






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Our Story

VAP is a made-to-measure, class-leading service. Nathalie Serfaty knew exactly what she was doing when she launched it. Coming from a background in media production where nothing is left to chance and everything has to be closely managed, she is perhaps the most practical of Parisians, and delighted to serve a demanding clientele.

With VAP you get 15 years of experience in accompanying VIPs, artists and CEOs in France, Europe, America and the Middle-East. The unrivalled expertise of a multi-lingual, fully-qualified and highly-professional team, and a network of hand-picked lawyers, accountants, service-providers and consultants. Make VAP your trusted partner; dare to ask us to do today what you keep putting off until tomorrow.

Concierge services, insurance, mail, taxes, filing, archival, domestic staff management. Delegate simply and without restriction. VAP stands for a service that will change your life. Call on a personal assistant, and have your own private secretary ready to deal with your request. A PA for a VIP.

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