About us

Founded by Nathalie Serfaty, VAP offers a very unique service.

VAP was born from an observation: in our increasingly complex and digitized world, it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to manage one’s personal and professional life while remaining relaxed.

VAP was born of an ambition: to free its clients from the administrative mental burden that weighs on their daily live.

You really need help, but you don't know how to delegate.

VAP puts your life in order, to free up time and space…for you.
VAP’s team of personal assistants is committed to a relationship of mutual trust, where discretion is a key value. With a small team of experts, VAP puts empathy at the heart of its practice in order to provide tailor-made advice.

Proactive, dynamic, determined and rigorous, VAP's personal assistants and property managers form a close-knit team of highly experienced professionals, with more than 15 years of practical knowledge, who discreetly handle all types of matters.


Nathalie Serfaty founded VAP in 2005, from an observation: In an increasingly complex and digitised world, it is difficult, if not impossible, to manage one’s personal and professional life in complete serenity.

Her ambition: to free its clients from the mental burden that weighs on their daily lives. To meet a growing need, she has set up a unique concierge and high-level personal assistants service in the heart of Paris.



Denis specializes in property management of VAP clients’ estate.
He has a creative and priceless spirit inherited from his education at the Fine Arts School in Lyon.
After 15 years in the film industry, working as an Assistant Director, he has acquired a great deal of ingenuity and the ability to find the most appropriate solutions.
Thanks to his mobility, his availability and his positive personality, Denis knows how to manage all the complex and urgent situations of daily life.



Morgane specializes in supporting musicians and artists as well as leading international business leaders.
Morgane has always had a strong inclination to learn and to expand her skills.
Her curiosity has led her to develop her talents in various fields including film, sales, media and teaching. Her passion for the art of woodwork led her to graduate from the renowned Boule School.
The skills she uses have given her a remarkable ability to work successfully with a wide range of personalities, as well as to deal with every problem methodically. Her dedication to VAP’s clients is remarkable.



Anne Sophie is highly qualified to work with all kinds of demanding clients, especially on an international level, for which she is becoming indispensable.
Anne-Sophie comes from the world of fashion and the high-end luxury industry. There, she has acquired a strong sense of interpersonal skills. Her solid and reassuring personality contributes greatly to the successful VAP teamwork.



Sophie has developed a clientele of business leaders, particularly in the art and film industry.
Nothing prepared her to become one of VAP key personal assistant. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale des Arts Plastiques, Sophie worked for 13 years as an art director in a communications agency. For the past six years at VAP, Sophie has been putting her rigour and commitment at the service of her clients in order to carry out the daily tasks entrusted to her. She manages her missions with commitment and benevolence.



A law graduate and experienced lawyer, Marie will be your interlocutor on legal issues. Yes, excellent.
Having gained experience as a parliamentary assistant in the French Senate, as well as in governmental bodies dealing with family law, labour law and the law on foreigners, Marie conducts her missions with rigour and professionalism. Her calm and cool temperament is a source of reassurance for her clients.
She brings joy and good humour within the agency.


Associate of VAP

Saliha is in charge of the management of the company.
Like many members of the VAP team, Saliha started out in the film industry. For more than 25 years, she has been involved in the legal and financial management of several production companies specialized in feature films, TV dramas, cartoons and also documentaries, before becoming their general manager. Partner of VAP, she combines pragmatism and common sense to guarantee the economic stability of the company. Her high standards are reassuring for the employees. Her business approach and expertise are essential to the life of the company.