About VAP

Organise to succeed

How can I grow wings?

  • Make life easier, every day,

  • Save time,

  • Devote yourself to your project with peace of mind.

Everything I learned in my career as a line-producer in the media industry, where nothing can be left to chance and everything has to be tightly managed, I put into practice when creating VAP. For you: executives, CEOs or artists, for whom the pressure never lets up.

With VAP, I build a relationship of mutual respect and trust with you. I like to share your values and offer you tailor-made services, more "couture" than "prêt-à-porter". You will find that I'm dynamic, rigorous, efficient and tenacious. I'm there to listen to you, to understand, and to anticipate the obstacle to your comfort, because it's my job to solve the difficult problems.

Let go so as to invest yourself better elsewhere. I respond with an analytical mind to your wish to delegate. Make me your trusted partner, you won't be left in any doubt as to my professionalism. I also speak English and Spanish to better respond to the needs of expatriates who may need to integrate in France.

Being trilingual also allows me to implement internationally proven methods such as David Allen's "Getting Things Done (the art of productivity without stress)" or Laurence Einfalt's "Getting Organised Is Easy". VAP is learning and improving every day.

With VAP at your side, you'll be better organised and gain in time and creativity.

I have a DEA in Economy and Society, a Masters in Information and Communication, as well as a Masters in Economics.

Nathalie Serfaty, founder of VAP.