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Our scope of action is very broad, that' s why VAP provides you with all kinds of services.

Our fields of expertise :

  • Family services: Help with recruiting house staff, registering for school and activities.

  • Leisure and private life: Holiday/activity/ticketing arrangements, purchasing goods and services.

  • Property Management: (TV subscriptions, decoration, water damage, dealing with insurance companies, trustees, supervision of works...), advice and support in purchasing or rental of your flat.

  • Finances: Liaison with the bank, follow-up of expenses and income, help with tax returns, pensions, succession.

  • Administrative: Administrative procedures and formalities, management of expense accounts, classification/archiving, payment of parking tickets, parking cards.

  • Business: Invoicing, expense reports, interfacing with accountants, tax specialists, bank reconciliation.

  • Relocation: VAP has developed an offering to assist expatriates with relocation. Searching for accommodation, monitoring the move, supervising the work, managing the decoration... VAP takes care of everything!

Your Personal Assistant has all the skills required to deal with day-to-day and work-related issues.

VAP also offers to manage relations with your Family Office

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